The world’s dumbest motoring event

Rental Car Rally is a 24-hour, midnight-to-midnight traveling carnival where silly people trek across curiously odd locations while occasionally throwing eggs at each other.

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Shit vehicles and delightfully adorned rentals

Buses converted into pirate ships. Winnebagos made into karaoke bars. Stock sedans with the full insurance. They don't have to be rental cars, but the guy who drove his Lotus didn't have a good time.

Look at the fancy cars

Very silly stuff in many different places

We’ve crawled on the Cabazon Dinosaurs. Drank at The Lumber Mill Bar and Grill. Had a good sniff at Bombay Beach. Slapped fives at Hot Rods and Beer. Walked the Bridge to Nowhere. Drag raced at Datelan Army Airfield. Worshipped with the satanists at The Domes. Dropped some bombs at the Airplane Boneyard. Wrestled with bartenders in Tombstone, Arizona.

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New rallies every summer

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The world's dumbest motoring event



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